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The fast pacing world of today, makes it very much tedious to single handily manage everything. Businesses of this era have many fold tasks to do.Management is the key role to play in any business. Sometimes, it better to outsource some tasks, such the management of your business. Virtual Assistant is nothing but a secretarial service that will help you manage your business. It will let you to manage your daily tasks, or to-do tasks efficiently. Hiring an assistant will increase the efficiency of your business. This Virtual Assistant will help you to have more time and look into other important matters.


  1. You will get more time for other Matters.
  2. Outsourcing such tasks reduces cost
  3. Hiring an expert will reduce the error occurring.
  4. All-over better management of your business.

For any business, keeping the accounts clean and updated is a prime need. A bookkeeper needs to keep track of so many things. These include- logging employee reimbursements, noting accounts payable, tracking receipts, handling quarterly tax returns and more. Sometimes, it is natural for a bookkeeper to miss out on some task or commit errors, inadvertently. However, you can resort to the services of professional accounting and bookkeeping agencies. We offer you class-leading bookkeeping services in Dubai. The virtual bookkeeping services have emerged as saviors for so many businesses.

Tasks handled by the Virtual Bookkeepers are

  • Entering transaction data
  • Keeping bank records proper and complete
  • Paying the employees and all contractors
  • Tracking the employee reimbursements
  • Helping prepare the company’s quarterly or annual taxes
  • Checking the spending patterns

Why hire a Virtual Assistant for the company’s accounting and Bookkeeping needs?

You may think of expanding your business and overtaking the segment rivals most of the times and that is only natural. However, it is also necessary that the company accounts are maintained in the best way, all through the year. If you do not have enough skilled staff to handle the accounting and bookkeeping work, hire a virtual assistant. Our skilled virtual assistants will manage all types of accounting and bookkeeping. We will analyze your business accounting needs well and then allot a suitable virtual assistant at reasonable rates.

Our Virtual Assistant Can take care of the below-listed Tasks

  • calculate, classify and store numerical data
  • verify, calculate data
  • Check transactions entries
  • Pay bills in time
  • Reconcile statements like Bank account statements, Credit cards
  • Prepare financial statements like Balance sheet, Profit and loss account, and Trial Balance.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant from us for all Your Accounting Needs

Bookkeeping, as well as data entry, is typically a time-consuming and daunting task. However, our skilled virtual assistants can tackle all types of bookkeeping tasks. It does not matter what is the size of your venture is or what industry it belongs to. We can tackle client companies with diverse growth rates and workflow. You can be assured of the accounts getting handled in the best possible way.

Our virtual bookkeeping assistants make use of the latest accounting tools. Our staffs all work from online office facilities and so you need not think about data security woes. We will handle all your data and accounting sheets so that you never run into taxation hassles. We know how important it is for a business to maintain the accounts with precision and keep updating it. Our competitive rates and scalable accounting solutions will ensure you can meet deadlines ahead of tax season.

Access to tailor-made, suitable Financial Solutions

As your company grows and develops over the years, so will its financial operations. Managing the inflow and outflow of cash, and updating financial records on a regular basis requires additional and expert assistance. That is why the businesses are opting for virtual account assistants.

Hiring virtual accountant services to manage bookkeeping and accounting work has become imperative for the small and mid-sized entities, nowadays. Preparing tax obligations, cost-benefit analysis, and financial budgets are things a skilled virtual assistant would do.

Aviaan accounting is a leading Dubai based agency that offers top-notch virtual accounting assistant services. We keep a team of talented and experienced virtual accountants for handling clients.

Why Outsource Your Venture’s Bookkeeping?

When the accounts of your company are managed by a skilled bookkeeper or agency, the benefits are numerous. It ensures you get an updated and clear view of the accounts. Then, you can plan for the next investments for your company while staying close to reality. If this is done a year-long, you will face little to no woes in tax filing at the end of the financial year! No need to fret about missing receipts or bother about small transactions that were not recorded!

Nowadays, bookkeeping is not done manually and sophisticated accounting software is used. This proves to be feasible for small companies. The accountant has instant access to the data. It is actually a cost-effective and efficient way to handle your finance.

Virtual assistant aided bookkeeping makes sense, because:

  • You only have to pay for the time the service is used, and so the staff costs are low
  • An access to an expert bookkeeper for complete trust.
  • You use a single robust system to keep the finances on track
  • Standard bookkeeping services typically cover the needs of small businesses
  • Having the latest view of your venture’s finances will help you in planning for the next fiscal

How You Can Pick The Most Talented Virtual Assistant?

Bookkeeping might seem time-consuming as well as tedious but its importance can never be overlooked. It has to be done properly to keep your company in good shape, overall. So, you must be careful while picking a bookkeeping service/agency. You need to check for the following qualities:

  • Required Experience– To ensure the company accounting work is executed in the best way, hire a bookkeeper who has experience of working in this sector for quite some time.
  • Right Aptitude– A bookkeeper has to be alert and mindful of financial activities taking place. He/she should be capable of handling a large amount of data and fetching the required bills and receipts without delay.
  • References– Before you hire a bookkeeper or accounting service agency to handle busies accounting needs, check out for customer feedback. These can be located on agency websites.
  • A Back-Up– Even if you hire a skilled and reliable bookkeeper to handle company accounts, he/she may fall ill or go on leave, in some situations. So, you can stay safe by opting for a virtual assistant agency.

Services Provided

Virtual Assistants are remote workers that works for you as a personal
Assistant and can do following:

  1. Social Network Manager
  2. Lead generation tool
  3. Reports handle
  4. Book keeper
  5. Accounts Management
  6. Research Assistant
  7. Communication Manager
  8. Workflow Manager
  9. Target monitoring
  10. Task Allocations
  11. Administrative task manager
  12. Project management
  13. E-mail management
  14. Travel Assistant
  15. Power-point presentation making
  16. Office management and organization
  17. Call answering
  18. Copy typing and digital transcription
  19. Proof reading
  20. Arranging and managing insurance claims
  21. Credit control/ debt recovery
  22. Handling of pretty cash

Why Choose Aviaan Accounting?

  1. Team of Experts will efficiently act as your Assistant.
  2. We know the value of your business to you.
  3. Our Services will provide maximum value for your money.

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