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For any type of business, preparing the VAT report becomes a prerequisite. In recent years, the importance of VAT has been recognized by the GCC countries. Post Jan 2018, the GCC nations implemented VAT with a rate of 5%. For a business functioning in the Dubai, getting registered under the VAT norm is necessary. It ensures the govt recognizes your business. To ease this procedure, some categorizations have been made and these are much like the income tax levels. There is a functional VAT slab for the businesses operating in the Dubai. Let us have a closer look at it.

VAT Consulting in Dubai

Value-added tax (VAT) is charged from end-consumers whenever they consume or buy a service or a product. It is consumption tax charged on the value-addition done at each stage of a logistics or supply network, from the time the good is produced till it is sold.  All registered business organizations are responsible for charging their customers VAT at the existing rates and also pay for VAT when buying goods from their suppliers. The difference between these two amounts is then required to be deposited or paid to the government agencies.

We, at Aviaan Accounting,have the taxation experts who can handle all your UAE VAT assessments and they can ensure your company complies with the VAT norms well. We analyze it as per the govt norms and offer skilled tax consultants in Dubai. You can be assured of staying clean as far as VAT is concerned. Our tax consultants are well versed in handling aspects of VAT and you can be assured of the best service. The financial statements also need proper auditing and our consultants take care of that. Aviaan accounting is here to help you with top-notch VAT consultants in Dubai to handle all the taxation need of your venture.

We, at Aviaan accounting, offer comprehensive VAT consulting services for ventures operating in Dubai and adjoining regions by deploying the best professionals. We ensure you get the best audit assignment

Implication of VAT on businesses

  • Businesses will be responsible for carefully documenting their business income, costs and associated VAT charges.
  • Registered businesses and traders will charge VAT to all of their customers at the prevailing rate and incur VAT on goods/services that they buy from suppliers. The difference between these sums is reclaimed or paid to the government.

VAT Advisory Service

Accounting firms providing VAT Advisory services ensure that the books of accounts and records of the clients are as per relevant laws. Aviaan Accounting is a leading provider of VAT advisory services in Dubai.

How our skilled VAT consultants in Dubai prepare your venture for VAT?

Aviaan accounting has a team of skilled tax experts and tax consultants in Dubai. The team ensures your company remains on top of taxation. When you seek our services, you can be assured of zero errors in taxation. So, your company will not have to pay any penalty for compliance issues. Our VAT consultant team in Dubai helps your business get acquainted with the new tax norms and challenges. This is something you cannot expect from just any random tax consultant in Dubai! Apart from that, your company gets the most suitable tax consultants in Dubai and they analyze all developments pertaining to taxation report preparation. So, your company stays on the safe side as far as tax laws are concerned.

Why Aviaan accounting is the best and most trustworthy Tax Consultant in Dubai

  • Planning and evaluation-We make sure that all important client business documents get reviewed and taxation is prepared in the most flawless way. Your existing business contracts are all reviewed. The documents are all analyzed so that VAT report can be filed simply and efficiently, leaving no scope for omissions. At the end of the day, you get the best VAT service.
  • Design, train and prepare- We develop, assist as well as advise so that your employees know what they have to deal with to prepare VAT filing. We ensured they get the proper exposure to resources. We also ensure the clients get access to a technologically advanced system that meets their business taxation and VAT preparation needs.
  • Compliance and deployment- We do offer proper VAT registration as well as filing services. Our team of expert VAT consultants ensures our business can adhere to the VAT necessities in Dubai. They are also capable of resolving all your VAT related queries. Your venture won’t have to face compliance issues when you seek our services.

How our VAT experts in Dubai organize for VAT?

Preparing VAT is something you cannot take casually. VAT preparation needs a high level of expertise in Dubai and we know that. So, we have a skilled team and they can assist you at every step.

VAT Implementation process

We at Aviaan accounting, maintain a high-end accounting system in place for deploying VAT norms with ease. Besides, for SMEs on a growth track, we offer full assistance for VAT deployment.

  • We offer assistance in VAT registration by offering the best VAT consultants in Dubai.
  • We analyze and figure out how VAT deployment has impacted your venture.
  • We analyze the accounting necessities as well as suitable IT systems for Dubai based clients.
  • We file and assess VAT returns and these are done by the top-notch Dubai VAT consultants.
  • We offer all types of assistance in processing and claiming VAT refunds.

Types of VAT Services offered by us

VAT Consultancy- Our team of expert tax consultants will aid your venture right from the registration to the record-keeping phase of tax invoices so that you can evade penalties.

VAT deployment- Tax Help that we offer is robust. We have expertise obtained from VAT experts who have worked overseas for a long time. Our VAT consultants help the clients in moving to the tax process transition.

VAT Agent Appointment- You can set an appointment with our skilled VAT agents. They have expertise in handling VAT in Asia and Europe.

VAT Compliance- Our expert VAT consultants assist the clients in finding out all applicable compliance requirements as per Dubai VAT norms. This ensures your company can file VAT properly.

VAT Filing-To avoid any kind of penalties, our skilled VAT consultants in Dubai make sure client invoices are recorded and filed in proper ways.

VAT Readiness Assessment- We offer free VAT readiness assessment and you can avail the offer. This makes your business ready for the VAT application.

VAT Registration- Our VAT consultants take care of overall online registration for VAT with the authorities. You stay clear on documentation front- as a result.

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