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Audit is one of the most important services provided by best audit firms in Dubai. It helps a business in achieving compliance with various laws and regulations. It is done to review the accuracy of an organization’s financial statement and records. It is mandatory to conduct a audit for organizations to monitor and evaluate their performance.
Audit report helps to determine whether the company is providing fair and accurate financial information to the public. The auditors are selected by the General Meeting of Shareholders for the period of 3 to 5 years.

Benefits of Audit in Dubai

  • The credibility and reliability of the firm is enhanced by statutory audit report.
  • It helps to be proactive before doing any business for prospective clients in evaluating the company. 

What Aviaan Accounting can do for yo u?

Changing and stricter regulation, competition, and digital transformation, along with a need to boost trust in key markets mean the audit landscape is getting reshaped quite fast. The top companies are addressing such issues head-on and they are also investing in new era technologies. They are adopting next-gen business models to address the needs while staying prepared for the upcoming changes. The nature of financial reporting and audit continues to evolve with time. There is a growing complexity of audit jobs, without any doubt. Now, the companies have to face growing qualitative disclosures. Thus, professional skepticism has assumed more importance than in the past.

At Aviaan Accounting we offer confidence and trust. We understand our client entities and their audit needs well. We know that the stakeholders need greater assurance as well as value from an audit. So, they have to count on us for insights. We, as trusted professional advisors offer appropriate perspectives, helping them in making decisions.

We offer consistent audits by gathering apt multidisciplinary teams and they can address any complex issue. We stick to only proven global audit methodologies and use state of the art quality auditing tools. We offer tailor-made auditing services to match the specific requirements of various clients. The clients gain from our expertise and also learn more about sector-specific knowledge. The insights obtained from our work also help in the process.

Aviaan Accounting deal with the tax, technology as well as transaction skills of the consultants. Our expertise and highly integrated structure enable us to deliver quality service in a consistent manner, globally. We have done considerable investments in innovation and digital technology to empower our expert auditors. They use apt tools to deliver digital audit. This enables us to analyze the risks and potentials in client companies. We can unravel potential issues and then offer the clients better insights and perspectives. Business risks in the long run will be migrated through this.

The quality, scope, effectiveness of an audit may be of use to more people than just the audit committee or a handful of investors. Audits must deliver confidence to the stakeholders and adhere to the regulatory norms at the same time. So, audits have to be executed with the utmost quality and efficiency.  We try our level best to offer ‘A’ grade service to our clients, no matter what the sector of the entity is.

Providing an apt audit requires the adoption of a broad and integrated approach. We ensure that is maintained in both innovative and traditional ways. Our commitment to the clients, team building and collaboration involves training and choosing the apt employees for the audit engagements.

Our teams are agile and multidimensional. Their competence is second to none and their extensive knowledge in audit handling also helps. They also keep updating their tech skills with time. We believe in working in collaboration with the clients all along and this makes each of our audit projects so successful. We specialize in offering audit services and our clients swear by our professionalism and efficacy.  We offer top quality auditing, with value and transparency. Our multidisciplinary teams cater to a wide range of clients.

Different Auditing Services in Dubai, UAE

Aviaan Accounting offers a range of audit services in Dubai including financial audit services,internal audit services, risk management audit services and company liquidation audit services. The Businesses in the Dubai need varying types of audits.

  1. Internal Audit– Internal Audit helps the companies to boost operational efficacy through enhancement of performance. The Internal audit service agencies in Dubai add value and help enhance business operations to achieve the strategic objectives. They help assess internal risk factors.
  2. Risk Management Audit– There is no denying various kinds of risks hamper business performance. The Dubai Risk management audit services aid the businesses in finding out all types of risks and also in finding feasible solutions for the same. This eventually helps in evading legal hassles and cost escalations for the companies.
  3. Financial Audit– Financial audit which is also called an external audit, helps identify various issues in the company’s internal financial operations. It also helps trace the deep insights to aid the companies to address existing and future threats. They can take apt decisions. Financial audit reports comprise of profit and loss, balance sheet, change of equity statement and cash flow statement. Aviian Accounting provides top-notch and reliable financial audit services in and around Dubai.
  4. Company Liquidation Audit– Instability of the market, coupled with a handful of economic factors often compel businesses with modes of monetary resources to liquidate the entity. Company liquidation turns out to be a time-intensive and complicated audit process in the Dubai. The Dubai govt requires a well-prepared company liquidation audit report and that showcases that the concerned company has no type of liabilities.
  5. Tax Audit-The Businesses in Dubai need to prepare for the mandatory, official audits from the FTA. This has become crucial after the implementation of the UAE Vat norms. A well-planned Tax audit ensures the tax matters are in place and everything is in sync with FTA laws.

Audit Requirements

A firm needs to have the following documents before getting a audit started:

  • Details of fixed assets
  • Bank statements with details of transactions therein and the details of cash receipts & payments
  • Information on secured and unsecured loans and advances
  • Trade payables & receivables
  • Local purchases & import purchases
  • Local sales and export sales information
  • Details of inventory
  • Administration and selling expenses
  • Details of foreign exchange earnings & expenditures
  • Statutory dues & other levies

Why select Aviaan Accounting?

  • Our audit is executed in accordance with the International Standards
  • We use innovative approaches for Audits
  • Our Team has vast experience across different sectors
  • Areas important to the client’s business are our main focus.

Aviaan Accounting offers top-notch and all types of auditing services in Dubai. It is known for its high efficiency, transparency and an out and out professional approach. Our expert auditors analyze the financial matters not only from management’s perspective but also from that of the financial institutions involved. Our approach for audit is comprehensive and well-devised.

Our skilled and veteran chartered accountants collect information and they work involving the clients. However, they are matured and professional enough to encourage open communication. This makes things easier for both sides, in the long run.

Our auditors carry out objective diagnostic tests along with analytical reviews before making any decision. This helps in maintaining the quality of the audit services in Dubai. We keep a team of skilled and veteran auditors and they are well versed in auditing methods and techniques. Contact us for any kind of audit needs in Dubai.


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