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Internal audit is one of the most important services provided by audit firms in UAE and other GCC countries. Internal audit function is an independent evaluation function to examine and evaluate the performance of the organization. Internal audit firms in Dubai like ours can play an important role in supporting the Board and Management.

Our services

Aviaan Accounting is one of the best Internal Audit firms in UAE – it provides proficient Internal Audit services in Dubai, UAE. And other GCC countries Our services include examination, monitoring and analysis of business activities to identify potential issues in organization.
As one of the Best Internal Audit firms in Dubai, we specialize in:-

  • Internal audit
  • Risk assessments & audit plans
  • Co-sourcing of Audit

Why Choose Aviaan Accounting?

  • Audit approach is designed for the specific needs of the client and executed according to the high professional standards
  • Identify high-risk areas and develop ways to control the existing risks
  • Increase business efficiency
  • Ensure compliance with policy, procedures and regulations
  • Reduce fraud instances
  • Ensure financial integrity

Management Audit

The management audit is a comprehensive examination of an organization from top to bottom. The management audit is concerned with smooth and satisfactory functioning of general management by identifying problems or important weaknesses in the organization, thus offering management with a tool to address and repair the areas of concern.

The management audit is defined by its scope and objectives. The scope is broad including all functions of the organization, including objectives and strategy, business structure, organizational planning, the budgeting process, human and financial resources management, decision making, research and development, marketing, equipment and operations, and management information systems.

We at Aviaan Accounting as one of the best audit firms in Dubai offer assistance to clients in managing their key business concerns, be it achieving strategic business goals, meeting operational challenges, complying with regulatory norms or managing reporting requirements. Our management audit procedures aim to maximize management performance by focusing on improving processes within the organization.

Operational Audit

Operational Audit is a systematic process of evaluating an organization’s effectiveness, efficiency and economy of operations under management’s control and reporting to appropriate persons the results of the evaluation along with recommendations for improvement.

Objectives of Operational Auditing is evaluation of company’s policies, procedures & plan of actions, to achieve improved profitability, to ensure control systems in place for effectiveness of existing processes, measurement of performance in terms of
productivity, existing work force and to encourage corporate social responsibilities.

We at Aviaan Accounting as one of the best audit firms in Dubai have the adequate experience and skill to provide operational audit services to our clients to achieve their operational level objectives. We try to help our clients to stay informed about the operational end of the business and ensuring that the operational functions are performed adequately which is becoming very complex in decentralised functioning businesses of today.

Supply Chain Audit

Supply chain management (SCM) which is responsible for the flow or smooth movement of goods and services of a company. SCM is important for achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Auditing of this supply chain helps the company track the financial activities regarding the movement and storage of raw materials, the consumption of goods, the work-in-progress inventory and the finished goods inventory. Supply chain auditing is even more important for customer satisfaction as it helps monitor the overall activities around SCM.

We at Aviaan Accounting as one of the best audit firms in Dubai have the necessary skill and knowledge to perform supply chain auditing with accuracy. We have equipped ourselves with advance techniques used by supply chain audit firms in Dubai that allow us to serve our clients better. We with our services make it easier for our clients to focus on core activities by reducing the additional stress of auditing.

Investigation Audit

Investigative auditing is a unique area of expertise in auditing dealing with the prevention and quantification of fraud, embezzlement and mismanagement of financial and operational activity. Investigative audit firms in Dubai like ours use a variety of methodologies to test suspected discrepancies in operations or the existence of financial irregularities, embezzlement or illegal uses of funds or other company resources.

Investigative auditor’s functions includes examining the organization’s financial processes, conducting a survey regarding exposure to fraud and embezzlement, verifying identification of the discrepancy and determining whether it is an error or a fraud, analysing how it happened, quantifying the damage caused to the organization as a result of the fraud, examining organizational processes in order to prevent future errors or fraud when control mechanisms are implemented, and submitting opinions based on the findings of the investigation.

We at Aviaan Accounting as one of the best audit firms in Dubai are conversant with the process of investigative auditing which empowers us to provide you optimum assistance in identifying any sort of suspicious financial activity in client’s business. We provide clients with objective and unbiased results which may help in identifying loopholes within the existing system.

Information Systems Audit

IT systems are the key to the proper operation and management of any business entity. Since the business environment has become global, collection and preservation of information has become crucial to the stability and sustainability of a business. The amount of information as well as its quality and availability occupy an important place in systems and procedures. The best possible IT system that can maintain all the relevant, current and reliable information is essential for any organization.

We at Aviaan Accounting as one of the best audit firms in Dubai are trained to provide comprehensive examinations of internal controls, information systems, risk assessments, the accuracy, system reliability, effectiveness and efficiency of processes, and reporting and system maintenance as required by law and regulations.

Due Diligence Audit

Due diligence audit is basically a careful investigation into the complete financial picture of a company. Generally, these audits come before a purchase, merger or other major decision that could negatively influence the finances. These audits are generally used to ensure that no hidden liabilities exist.

Due diligence audit focuses on information outside of what is freely presented and often done discreetly. The companies that are being investigated aren’t aware of the specific focuses of investigation. Our audit team provides discreet and objective services as leading due diligence audit firm in Dubai. The work which is performed within the due diligence procedure may be divided into three interconnected parts financial due diligence, tax due diligence and legal due diligence.

We at Aviaan Accounting as one of the best audit firms in Dubai help our clients identifying and managing significant transaction issues, anticipating and identifying potentially important risk and negotiation issues.

Cost Audit

We provide cost audit and analysis to companies to control cost and improve cost efficiency, enhance profitability and make effective management decisions.

We as a leading cost audit firm in Dubai will assist you to assess and improve performance and consequently profitability. We provide recommendations that are sustainable for improving performance and cost effectiveness.

Cost audit include the Cost process efficiency which addresses improvements in cost effectiveness and related operational processes and Cost assessment which is a thorough appraisal of quantitative and qualitative processes and compare current performance against improved cost efficiencies.

We at Aviaan Accounting as one of the best audit firms in Dubai will help our clients understand the business structure first and ensure the effectiveness of accounting system and internal controls. We help raise the standard of controls for our clients.


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