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Internal Audit Services in KSA

If you own a business in Saudi Arabia or at the helm of the affairs of a corporate entity here, then you must know about the importance of internal audit services. You might be thinking that your business is doing extremely well but in reality, there might be some issues which have not attracted your attention yet and have the potential to derail your plans. Identifying impending threats, internal as well as external, is important to save your business from contingent issues. While this task is but is paid little attention to by the decision-makers and before one realises the gravity of the situation, it is already too late. This is where our Internal Audit Services in Dubai come to your rescue. 

Who we are?

At Aviaan Accounting, we are one of the most reliable professional consultancy services providers for businesses in Saudi Arabia. We have been working in the region for the last many years and have helped our clients identify the problems being faced by their businesses and take corrective actions before any untoward outcomes are arrived at. With our experienced and expert consultants, we are in an unparalleled position to identify any problems that are holding your business back and suggest corrective steps to be taken. 

What do we offer?

We perfectly understand that every business is different, and so are the requirements of the business owners. Moreover, different entities suffer from different types of problems, which cannot be identified by the internal staff as they themselves might be unaware of it. So, it becomes essential to avail services of professional consultants like Aviaan Accounting for conducting the internal audit for your business. Here are some of the services that we offer for our clients: – 

  • Management Audit: – Herein, our consultants study the management structure of your entire organisation and offer insights to the top management in regard to the state of general management in the company. We identify the various issues that have been affecting your organisation and are inhibiting the company from realising its true potential. It is one of the most comprehensive audits that assess each and every aspect of your business including but , limited to objectives and strategy, human and financial resources, business structure, research and development, planning, marketing, equipment and operations management, budgeting process, management, decision making, and management information systems.
  • Operational Audit: – Operation audit is essential to ascertain the efficiency of the operations and processes of your organisation. The process of operational audit comprises of the analysis of the efficiency, effectiveness, and economy of the operations under the control of the management. It ensures that the findings are conveyed to the decision-makers and the recommendations for improvement are also offered along with the steps involved in the implementation. 
  • Supply Chain Audit: – In the modern-day complex distribution systems, having a properly aligned supply chain is extremely crucial. It not only helps in minimizing the waste but also helps with ensuring the complete satisfaction of the customers. Our scope of activities during a supply chain audit addresses the issues affecting storage, transportation, consumption, work-in-progress and inventory of your manufacturing business. After understanding the issues, our experts offer actionable insights to help you address the problem. 
  • Investigation Audit: – With the rising instances of embezzlement and frauds, the need for investigation audit has become extremely crucial for businesses. Our expert consultants will work with your business to identify the potential frauds that have been affecting your business and addressing them efficiently. We use tried and tested methodologies for identification of discrepancies, financial irregularities, embezzlement, and illegal usage of funds as well as company resources. We will help you set-up checks at appropriate places to prevent such incidents from happening again. 
  • Information Systems Audit:  – With the rising importance of properly functioning IT systems for any business, the need for information systems audit has become quite evident. It is important to ensure that all your IT systems are running in the perfect condition and that the integrity of the stored data is not compromised. We ensure that your organisation has the best IT system for your present and future requirements.
  • Due Diligence Audit: – Before you make a decision regarding the upcoming merger, acquisition or collaboration, it is highly advisable to undertake a due diligence audit. Herein, our experts will check your account books and other records to identify any contingent liabilities and also ascertain any hidden liabilities. Our due diligence services comprise of three essential aspects i.e. financial due diligence, legal, due diligence, and taxation due diligence. 
  • Cost Audit: – In order to ensure the maximum profitability for your business, undertaking a cost audit is extremely essential. Our cost audit services undertake an in-depth analysis of your business to identify the various ways of controlling your costs, improving your operational efficiency, and enhance your profitability for ensuring effective management decisions. 

With our experience and expertise, we offer you the most comprehensive and efficient audit services for your business. Just get in touch with us today and let us help you realise the true potential of your entropies. We will be glad to hear from you. Contact us now.

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