Business Valuation in Dubai

Business Valuation in Dubai

With numerous companies setting up their base in Dubai, the local economy has been witnessing a massive boom. But with so many entities operating in the country and vying for the attention of the customers, the competition has increased manifolds, necessitating it for the companies to ensure the accuracy and integrity of their operations. With the strict standards of business operations in Dubai to be followed, companies cannot afford to adopt a lax approach under any circumstances. 

As a business owner, you not only have to ensure the standing of your enterprise in the extremely competitive market in Dubai, but you also have to make sure that your venture witnessed significant growth by ensuring completion of the necessary processes seamlessly. But what will you focus on? Managing day-to-day routine tasks or formulation and execution of a growth strategy? Well, dealing with multiple facets of business operations at the same time can be exceedingly difficult and might lead your focus astray. This is why you must look for professional guidance and assistance from industry experts with a plethora of experience.

Why do companies require a business valuation?

Business valuation, in layman terms, is simply a calculation of the total value of your business. It sounds simple, but it sure is a complicated calculation and therefore, requires an experienced entity to ensure error-free calculations. As the competition in the market in Dubai is increasing steadily, companies are always striving to implement new ideas and plans that will set them apart from the competitors. While many businesses are successful in implementing their new ideas and projects, leading to better sales and attracting more investors in the company, but an error in preparing and studying the feasibility of the business idea or project can also lead to unfavourable circumstances like losses, lawsuits, the exit of partners etc. Whatever may be the case, good or bad, in such a situation, your company will need to get the business valuation done as soon as possible. 

Need for a business valuation expert

While you might decide to conduct the process in-house, but there are higher chances of errors in such situations. This is where the expertise of expert offering services for business valuation in Dubai comes to the fore. With their experienced and knowledgeable team members, these experts are also to complete the business valuation process in-time and without any errors. If you are looking for a professional for business valuation in Dubai, then your search ends with us. At Aviaan Accounting, we are a leading accounting and business consultancy in Dubai, offering our services for the convenience of your clients. With our team of expert consultants, we can manage your business valuation in Dubai requirements with extreme ease and help you make your final decisions in an informed manner.


How does Aviaan carry out business valuation?

We know that understanding the value of your business is very important, even if it is not meant for any business transactions like selling your business or for inheritance purposes. Business valuation is an important figure which makes you aware of the real standing of your business in present market scenarios.  Our team uses multiple methods like market capitalization, times revenue method, liquidation value and other approved processes to carry out the valuation of your business. 

Apart from normal business valuation for purposes of lawsuits, inheritance, and inclusion of investors, the team at Aviaan Accounting offers merger and acquisition valuation as well. As in the case of a merger, the calculation of shares is very crucial, and of course, it is not easy. Our professional team calculate your assets’ value precisely and helps in ensuring a seamless merger. 

In the case of acquisitions, companies acquire stakes in acquired firms retaining their independent names and structure. Stakes and shares cannot be accurately calculated without professional help, and this is what we offer with our expert team. 

Why choose Aviaan Accounting for Business Valuation?

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from our business valuation in Dubai services:  – 

  • Evaluating your assets and liabilities accurately, because as an owner, you should always know about the real value of your company.
  • Negotiate in an informed manner with our business valuation reports when it comes to acquisitions and mergers. 
  • We give the most exact and accurate figures if you are contemplating multiple offers when it comes to selling your business.
  • The business valuation services we provide help with your company in accessing leading investors and presenting them with a true and apt description of your assets and liabilities.  

Aviaan Accounting is one of the leading accounting and business consultancy services providers in Dubai. We have carved a distinct niche in the market by providing best quality services for essential business operations like auditing, bookkeeping, VAT consulting, providing attestations, tax agents, company formation, internal auditing, generating payrolls, management consultancy, HR consultancy, and business valuation services in Dubai. If you have any questions or queries regarding our services, then get in touch with us now. We would love to hear from you. 

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