Payroll Services

Payroll processing is an integral part of all organizations, big or small. It is one area of work that requires expertise and only people who have the necessary qualification, working ethics and experience should be entrusted with this work. In a highly competitive resource market, it is not easy and cheap to get such a skilled workforce. Payroll outsourcing in Dubai to a reliable, dependable firm is a cost-effective decision.

Benefits of outsourcing Payroll Outsourcing in Dubai, UAE

Aviaan Accounting provides specialized services in the area of customized data-secured Payroll processing. Few benefits of Payroll Outsourcing in Dubai, UAE are:

  • Outsourcing Payroll enables a business to focus on its core areas of competency. With Payroll being handled by an outside agency, concerned departments and staff members can concentrate on other strategic areas to make the business unit profitable.
  • Professional Payroll Outsourcing companies like Aviaan Accounting that are specialists in Payroll processing, ensure that the data is kept confidential and secure. They also have necessary privacy regulations in place that prevents all chances of data breach and theft.
  • Small and medium scale businesses as well as start-up companies can avoid investing their capital into advanced encryption technology, latest software, back-up data servers, and secured network.
  • Specialized Payroll firms are abreast with what is happening and keep updating their software as per changes in taxation and government rules and regulations.

Our Services

Processing Payroll service encompasses multiple tasks like –

  • Generation of pay slips and reimbursement slips, individual employee wise
  • Generation of monthly reimbursement statement
  • Ensuring compliance with tax provisions (if applicable), by performing a review of internal documentary controls
  • Ensuring that internal process and procedures are fine-tuned as per tax provisions.

Why to choose Aviaan Accounting?

  • We provide customized Payroll services as needed by our clients
  • We have experienced Payroll processing professionals
  • Stringent data security and privacy regulations in place
  • Use of appropriate software for providing services

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