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What are the different types of legal translation service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

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Legal Translation is a niche; it requires special expertise and technical knowledge for proficiently translating any legal documents. Many time, we come across many legal documents that require translation. It can be anything right from a legal contract to a simple challan/form. It is imperative to ensure that the desired job is done optimally. One should have a thorough knowledge of Arabic Translation to flawlessly translate the same.

An understanding of the same helps you to avoid any kind of mishap or erroneous translation. A translated document, when used in any legal context, is valid only after its notary. It is essential to obtain attestation in Dubai on all the documents to authenticate is validity. A regulatory body in UAE/KSA accepts the legal documents only when professional legal service providers certify them.

Some of the different types of Translation in Dubai are discussed below:

Translating proof documents such as Birth Certificate: Birth certificate is an important proof document, which has to be translated by an expert Arabic-English or English-Arabic Translator. A person having professional competence in English-Arabic Translation and vice versa should be appointed for the translation in UAE/KSA. You should accumulate all the identity documents together and appoint a professional translator to get the documents translated and certified. A legal translator can also provide you with a comprehensive package to get all your documents translated at a reasonable price.

Contract Law: It requires special expertise and in-depth knowledge of legalities to meaningfully translate a contract law. The translation should be precise, accurate and to the point. Professional linguists with sound legal translation experience and knowledge can get your contract law translation done optimally.

Litigation Documents: Litigation documents consist of many terms and conditions if not translated precisely it may change the entire meaning of the document and convey a different message. Therefore, it is crucial to look out for a professional legal translator to maintain the efficacy of the translation. The legal translator must ensure to maintain the confidentiality of these documents.

Patents: Many companies require translation service to translate a patent from a foreign language into their local language. When it comes to patents, a lot of emphasis should be laid on the terminology, vocabulary, and choice of words. It is an extremely technical document and must be translated with utmost care.

Certificate Translation: Professional translators also provide the legalized translation of certificates and miscellaneous legal documents. They make sure to maintain the highest level of accuracy and reliability while providing professional service.

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