Document Attestation Services in Dubai

Whether you are looking to move out of Dubai or are looking to move here, for purposes such as work, business, family, education, or any other such long-term reasons, it goes without saying that you would need to show or submit certain kinds of documents. Therefore, one of the most important procedures you need to go through, while either moving to or out of Dubai, is getting those documents verified or attested.

Need for Document Attestation in Dubai

Before we talk about why attestation services in Dubai is a necessary procedure, it is important to understand what it is. Attestation simply means verification. You possess a series of legal or other kinds of documents, which are of utter importance, and depending upon the purpose of your move, you would need to get these verified by a series of government and government-sponsored agencies, and this process is known as attestation.

It is important for you to get your documents (such as birth certificate, educational certificates, company documents, marriage certificate, etc.) and attested because you would need to use them when in Dubai or outside, and it would need to be established that those certificates are in fact genuine and contain the right information about you, while also serving as a means to verify any information you would have provided elsewhere. Unless your documents are verified or attested, you would not be able to provide proof of them being authentic and could thus not proceed with whatever it is that you wanted to do. Some of the reasons why you would need to get your documents attested are:

  • Family-related matters

What is the Process of Document Attestation?

While the agencies that may need to attest your documents may differ depending on the country you wish to visit, the country/region of origin of the documents, or the purpose of your move, the general order remains the same. It is important to understand that there is a particular order that needs to be followed while getting documents attested since the stamp of one agency depends on the stamp of the previous one. The order you would need to adhere to is as follows:

Why Choose Aviaan Accounting for Document Attestation?

Given that the whole process of document attestation can be long and slightly complex, especially depending upon your documents’ country of origin as well as the purpose behind moving to/ from Dubai, it is always a good idea to hire a certified attestation service to get the work done faster. Aviaan Accounting would help you get your documents attested even if you aren’t in Dubai or the UAE. Some of the countries that you can avail our document attestation services from including the following:

Aviaan Accounting would offer you a professional attestation experience, and by choosing our services, you would save money as well as time that would have been spent if you were to go to each agency/authority to get your documents attested personally. Our team has multiple years of experience in getting different kinds of documents attested, not just within Dubai but across the entire Dubai, which means that you can be assured of the fact that not only would your work be done in less time, without having to spend too much money, but also that your documents would be in safe hands. Aviaan Accounting helps you understand the whole process of attestation and would also guide you on how to submit/retrieve your documents or certificates from the different authorities.

The Document Attestation Services Offered by Aviaan Accounting

Our experts offer different kinds of attestation services, and depending upon your purpose of the move, the origin of your documents, as well as where you wish to move; you can opt for any of them. The different services offered are:

We deal with documents of various kinds, and thus, some of the different documents that Aviaan Accounting can help you get attested are as follows:

  • Family Visa services
  • Police Clearance certification
  • Company documents attestation etc.

Since Aviaan Accounting is an experienced service provider when it comes to providing attestation services, and assures you of document confidentiality, minimum costs, faster attestation, and overall excellent experience, it goes without saying that choosing our expertise when you need to get your documents attested would be the best decision for you.

In case you have any queries about the any kind of services we offer, the different documents that we deal with, or regarding anything else, feel free to call us or send an email, and we will respond within a couple of hours.

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