Attestation Services in Dubai

Attested document eliminates errors and assures the genuineness of the
documentation. It is required for following clearances:
Work Permit
Higher Education.
Setup Company outside jurisdiction of
Legal Requirement
Changes in Passport

In order to help clients with their attestation needs our experienced team of professionals are here. Clients can count on us to attest their documents from around the world so that they can use them officially in the GCC. Aviaan Accounting is expert in getting these essential documents attested swiftly and efficiently.

The process of taking a document issued in one country and making it legally recognized in another country is known as Attestation. Each country has unique steps to complete the attestation process. Attestation could require various processes depending on document type, its issuing country and its destination country which can result in a lot of travelling around to complete especially if documents were issues in several countries. Attestation with so many processes involved can increase the cost and require a lot of time investment. We can assist clients in doing the process right with 100% guarantee which will result in saving time and money.

Attestation Services Provided by Aviaan Accounting

We deal with a vast range of attestation service as given below:

  1. Attestation for educational documents:
  • Degree Certificate (Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate)
  • High-School Certificate (GCSE, CSE, A ‘Level, Unlevel, BTEC)
  • Professional Award (Diploma, Membership, Associate, etc)
  • Equivalency Certificate
  1. Attestation for personal Documents
  • Birth, Marriage, Death or Adoption Certificate
  • Certificate of Non-Impediment (CNI)
  • Passport or Driving License
  1. Embassy and consulate Attestation.
  2. Certified True copy Attestation.
  3. Commercial documents attestation.
  4. Apostille Services
  5. Good conduct services
  6. Family Visa Services
  7. Police clearance certification:
  • Criminal Records Check (CRB)
  • ACRO/ACPO Certificate
  • Disclosure Documents
  • Fingerprints
  1. Birth certificate Attestation
  2. Company Documents

If you are visiting the United Arab Emirates and looking to use certificates and documents there, you will need proper authentication. Documents, which are duly attested by the UAE embassy are considered as authentic by the government of the country and the same is accepted by various leading business establishments and government departments. Aviaan Accounting helps in obtaining attestation for all the documents and certificates which are to be used in Dubai. The company has years of experience in clearing and attesting documents. All personal documents and business-related documents are cleared in the shortest possible time by the company.According to the guidelines mentioned by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government, all personal, educational and commercial documents and certificates have to be duly attested by the UAE Embassy or Consulate office in the home country for the purpose of attestation.

Certificate attestation is required for proving the authenticity of a document for obtaining a work permit in the target country. Depending on the country, the documents and the various procedures involved, one can choose between normal attestation and urgent attestation.

For submitting any kind of official documents in Dubai, one has to go through the document attestation process. The term attestation of documents and certificates is mainly used outside as well as within Dubai and it carries the same meaning as document legalization. It is similar to authentication where the signature on the document is authenticated by a government or embassy official of the state, country or federal level. At similar levels, it is also known as attesting the official’s signature.

If you are targeting to move outside Dubai, you will need to provide various documents including important documents for family members like marriage and birth certificates, academic certificates, IRS documents and federal and state background checks to the government offices or immigration in the new destination. All the above-mentioned documents have to be authenticated as per a specific set of procedures as per the internal standards of documents. The documents are also verified by the receiving country.

Companies, which are looking to appoint distributors or establish franchises or get into some kinds of agreements with foreign individuals or corporations will require to create legal documents or retrieve the same from federal or state authorities with proper and appropriate seals. Aviaan Accounting helps in this entire process by offering guidance on how to retrieve the documents along with helping the client to receive document certification at the federal or state level. Before initiating the process of embassy legalization on the documents, all the previous steps need to be done properly. We offer education and certificate attestation services for our clients thus minimizing their hassle of the complex process. We help in saving time and efforts of our clients and get the work done in the right manner.

Document attestation in Dubai on various personal documents like a diploma normally takes 7-10 business days. Middle East countries now have booming economies and thus are experiencing high rates of migration of individuals and businesses who look to establish offices in countries like Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. Aviian Accounting has high levels of experience and innumerable business affiliates offering attestation services for documents and certificates all over the world. Aviaan Accounting provides comprehensive services in getting personal and corporate documents certified in Dubai via the Indian Embassy legalization procedure.

Our experts at Aviaan accounting will help you prepare necessary documents and we will guide you at each step. This will make you better prepared. To know details on how we will assist you, get in touch soon.

Attestation is not always a cakewalk. Attention has to be given to details and expertise is required for the same. The agency doing the Attestation work has to be well versed in the processes. If you want to handle it personally, errors may crop up-leading to hassles and delays.

Aviaan accounting is the top-notch certificate attestation company of the Dubai. It has long experience in dealing with attestation services of varying types of legitimately. It takes care of multiple customer requirements and concerns. Our attestation services comprise of:

  • Apostille from nations part of Hague convention
  • Consulate and Embassy Attestation in the Dubai
  • Attestation from the various state government departments as well as ministries


Our Attestation Process

After you furnish your documents, we do the following:

  • We send the submitted documents to your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for verification.
  • The stamped copies are submitted to the UAE embassy in your nation for further verification and assessment.
  • The attested documents are then submitted to the relevant government departments for due consideration in the Dubai.

Any requirement of yours for attestation will be handled by us around the globe. Aviaan Accounting provide attestation services in countries including, but not limited to:

  1. India
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. United States
  5. South Africa
  6. Russia
  7. France
  8. Germany, and
  9. Italy

Irrespective of the client’s needs our friendly, professional and dedicated team is there to help the clients. We not only get the work done for our clients but get it done very quickly with a professional and fast courier delivery service. We simplify the whole process and make sure we give our clients the very best possible service.

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Why Choose Aviaan Accounting?

  1. Our Experts team assures safety and confidentiality of your documents
  2. We work under time-bound and assure punctuality
  3. We guarantee 100% government acceptance of the attested document
  4. We have globally accepted attestation services
  5. We deliver immediate Attestation service (Emergency Situations)
  6. Our team will have direct contact with you, hence no agents in between
  7. We arrange free pick-up and delivery of your documents

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