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Virtual Assistant Service

The fast pacing world of today, makes it very much tedious to single handily manage everything. Businesses of this era have many fold tasks to do.Management is the key role to play in any business. Sometimes, it better to outsource some tasks, such the management of your business. Virtual Assistant is nothing but a secretarial service that will help you manage your business. It will let you to manage your daily tasks, or to-do tasks efficiently. Hiring an assistant will increase the efficiency of your business. This Virtual Assistant will help you to have more time and look into other important matters.


  1. You will get more time for other Matters.
  2. Outsourcing such tasks reduces cost
  3. Hiring an expert will reduce the error occurring.
  4. All-over better management of your business.

Services Provided

Virtual Assistants are remote workers that works for you as a personal
Assistant and can do following:

  1. Social Network Manager
  2. Lead generation tool
  3. Reports handle
  4. Book keeper
  5. Accounts Management
  6. Research Assistant
  7. Communication Manager
  8. Workflow Manager
  9. Target monitoring
  10. Task Allocations
  11. Administrative task manager
  12. Project management
  13. E-mail management
  14. Travel Assistant
  15. Power-point presentation making
  16. Office management and organization
  17. Call answering
  18. Copy typing and digital transcription
  19. Proof reading
  20. Arranging and managing insurance claims
  21. Credit control/ debt recovery
  22. Handling of pretty cash

Why Choose Aviaan Accounting?

  1. Team of Experts will efficiently act as your Assistant.
  2. We know the value of your business to you.
  3. Our Services will provide maximum value for your money.

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