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Tax Agent In UAE

A Tax Agent is usually appointed on behalf of another person to represent him before the Federal tax authority. Tax Agent takes care of the client’s tax obligations and performs legal activities prescribed by the law. Tax Agents basically help to meet the requirements that are set by the government and prevent any adverse effects that are concerned with tax.
Aviaan Accounting associated Tax Agents represent clientss in front of FTA. Our Tax experts make it a point to keep themselves abreast about the legal changes, so as to eliminate the possibility of penalty or non-compliance with the new provisions. A Tax Agent in UAE assists you in better planning of your taxes and differentiating between the Dos and Don’ts.
Appointing a Tax Agent in UAE is not mandatory for companies and other taxable persons. However, it will not be always possible for the companies to look after the issues on tax matters and resolve it with the concerned authority (FTA). It hence becomes necessary for the companies to appoint Tax Agent to handle tax matters.

Benefits of hiring Tax Agent in UAE

  • Concerned authority may require some of the documents in Arabic language. The Tax Agents in Dubai are proficient in Arabic and hence the taxable person need not bother if he doesn’t have documents in Arabic.
  • Documents and Records are to be maintained for 5 years (in the case of Real Estate Companies for 15 years). Appointing a Tax Agent in UAE will give more comfort for the taxable person on compliance requirements.
  • Tax Agent will be always updating himself about the latest changes in the law and hence the penalty on non-compliance of the new provisions of the law will be eliminated.
  • Appointing a Tax Agent in UAE will help the taxable person to identify the right things to do which will result in better tax planning and compliance.
  • Tax Agent can represent the taxable person in front of the Federal Tax Authority and hence if any assessment notice or notice for tax audit comes in future for the asseesse, the experienced Tax Agent’s service will be crucial in understanding the legal ramifications of the notice.

Our Services

Aviaan Accounting through its partner Tax Agents provides following services to its clients:

  • VAT registration and VAT group registration
  • Prepare and submit VAT Returns
  • Maintain relevant records related to tax transactions
  • Liaison with FTA on tax related matters in UAE
  • Act as representative in front of FTA if any query or clarification required
  • Furnish response to the FTA on your behalf if Tax Audit or Tax Assessment is conducted
  • Prepare the documents for the FTA during the Tax audit or Tax assessment
  • Help in submitting request for reconsideration on the decisions made by the FTA
  • To proceed with de-registration on your behalf if required

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