Statutory Audit Services

Statutory Audit is one of the most important services provided by best audit firms in UAE. It helps a business in achieving compliance with various laws and regulations. It is done to review the accuracy of an organization’s financial statement and records. It is mandatory to conduct a statutory audit for organizations to monitor and evaluate their performance.
Statutory Audit report helps to determine whether the company is providing fair and accurate financial information to the public. The statutory auditors are selected by the General Meeting of Shareholders for the period of 3 to 5 years.

Benefits of Statutory Audit

  • The statutory audit report enhances the credibility and reliability of the firm
  • It helps the prospective clients in evaluating the company before doing any business

Our Services

Aviaan Accounting is one of the best Audit firms in UAE for statutory audit services. We have qualified Chartered Accountants who have several years of experience working for best Audit firms in Dubai. Our team has extensive experience in preparation and of audit reports. Our Audit services help in:

  • Providing confidence in the financial status of the Company
  • Helping understand assessed Company, its activities, industry and the economic environment
  • Providing Audit reports that are authorized and approved by the various government bodies

Why Choose Aviaan Accounting?

  • Our audit is executed in accordance with the International Standards
  • We use innovative approaches for Audits
  • Our Team has vast experience across different sectors
  • We focus on areas important to the client’s business

Statutory Audit Requirements

A firm needs to have the following documents before getting a statutory audit started:

  • Details of fixed assets
  • Bank statements with details of transactions therein and the details of cash receipts & payments
  • Information on secured and unsecured loans and advances
  • Trade payables & receivables
  • Local purchases & import purchases
  • Local sales and export sales information
  • Details of inventory
  • Administration and selling expenses
  • Details of foreign exchange earnings & expenditures
  • Statutory dues & other levies

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