Quiz 3



#1 What are different types of supplies covered under the scope of supply?

#2 GST is a……………………. based tax on consumption of goods and services.

#3 What would be the tax rate applicable in case of composite supply?

#4 What are the taxes levied on an intra-State supply?

#5 Which of the following taxes will be levied on imports?

#6 What are the supplies on which reverse charge mechanism would apply?

#7 In case of sponsorship services provided by Mr. A to M/s AB Ltd., liability to pay GST is on:

#8 In case of lottery procured from State Government by a lottery distributor, GST is payable by:

#9 If Tobacco leaves procured from an Agriculturist by a registered person, then: –

#10 Reverse charge is applicable: (a) c (b) Only on inter-State supplies (c) Both intra-State and inter-State supplies (d) None of the above

#11 If a supplier is under the composition scheme, then whether tax will be paid under reverse charge by the composition supplier:

#12 Can a registered person opt for composition scheme only for one out of his 3 business verticals having same Permanent Account Number?

#13 What will happen if the turnover of a registered person opting to pay taxes under composition scheme during the year 2017-18 crosses threshold limit?

#14 Which of the following supplies of goods or services or both would be subject to Cess?

#15 What is the basis for levy of cess on supplies of goods or services or both under the GST Compensation Act?

#16 Before whom the accounts of the Goods and Services Tax Compensation Fund, as certified by the Comptroller and Auditor-General of India or any other person appointed by him in this behalf together with the audit report thereon shall be laid?


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