Quiz 2



#1 What does “I” stand for in IGST?

#2 Which of the following tax is not submitted in GST?

#3 Which of the following is an intrastate supply?

#4 What is the place of supply in case of installation of elevator is

#5 PAN is issued under the Income Tax Act and is mandatory for the grant of registration. How true is this statement?

#6 What is the validity of the registration certificate?

#7 Which of the following requires amendment in the registration certificate?

#8 What is the date of receipt of payment?

#9 When can the transaction value be rejected for computation of value of supply?

#10 For capital goods, proportionate credit is allowed

#11 Banking company or financial institution having an option of claiming ITC:

#12 The time limit beyond which if the goods are not returned, the capital goods sent for the job work shall be treated as supply

#13 A person is entitled to take credit of input tax as self-assessed in the return and credited to electronic credit ledger on

#14 Provisional input tax credit can be utilized for

#15 Indian GST model have a what kind of tax structure


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