Certified True Copy Attestation Services

UAE is one of the most famous places to visit and live in the world. People all over the world carry a dream to visit the UAE once in their life. Living in the UAE is a dream come true. Though, at the very base of it, life is UAE is similar to life in other countries, though with a higher standard of living. But the rule of law is supreme in the country, and you are expected to follow all the guidelines from different departments and ministries of the country. In day to day lives, you might often need to submit various documents at various agencies for verification of your identity. This procedure is mandatory to purchase property and for other legal requirements.

Need for Certified True Copy of Documents

When asked for submission of your documents, the authorities often need you to submit a copy of the original one. Any copy would not work though, the document required is often an attested true copy. The attested true copy can be submitted for any legal work.The same would be required for the purchase of a property as well.

Getting an attested Certified True copy is a time-consuming process. Making time to obtain one in your daily life can be difficult. There are various steps involved in the entire process, which involves filling different forms, paying the required fees and following up in order to get the documents attested. This can be an overwhelming experience for anyone especially someone who is extremely busy in his/her professional life.

We are here to lighten your load with our Certified True Copy Attestation Services in UAE. At Aviaan Accounting, we are the leading provider of the Certified True Copy Attestation Services in UAE. We have helped clients globally and saved their time without any trouble. We are certified to handle your legal documents, so your presence would not be needed for Certified True Copy Attestation.

Steps involved in Certified True Copy Attestation in UAE

There are multiple steps that are needed to be completed to obtain Certified True Copy Attestation; they are as follows: –

  • Firstly, the document should be the original one; making a copy of copies is not allowed.
  • Secondly, confirming who the authorized authority is that will attest the copy, a lawyer, or the issuing institute.
  • Thirdly, submitting the copy to the required authority to be stamped as the true copy.
  • Fourthly, you might be asked to submit copies of your identification and other documents to ascertain the veracity of your declaration.
  • Lastly, the authorized figure stamps and signs the copy with remarks that it is a copy of the original.

Our clients enjoy the benefit of attaining all their attestations in the comfort of their homes. We will get everything done for you. We are legally authorized to offer Certified True Copy Attestation Services in UAE. Your presence is not required, and we do not believe in disturbing you with constant fees payment, so all the fees are calculated right at the beginning and paid at once. Subsequently, our agents will handle everything on your behalf. If you have any other queries or questions, feel free to contact us. Our team will revert at the earliest.

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