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Reasons to avoid default in VAT Payment

The world has been undergoing a sudden shift with respect to the business sector. Due to the fear of a pandemic, many entrepreneurs are showing more interest in establishing online ventures. Many offline businesses have been shifted to online platforms to keep up with the current scenario. However, this transition of shifting towards online ventures

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Accounting career blog in Audit firm in Dubai

International Financing Reporting Standards are the accounting regulations and rules laid down by the International Financing Reporting Standards (IRFS) Foundation and the International Accounting Standards Board. These accounting rules and regulations should be followed while making a detailed report on all the financial transactions of a business. IFRS has been set in order to have

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Impact of UAE VAT on Healthcare Services

Dubai is one of the major business centres globally and attracts companies from all over the world to set-up their presence in this booming market. While the business opportunities are available in Dubai aplenty, it is extremely important for the entities to abide by the local rules and regulations. Dubai is a region where the

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When an organisation is formed, the most important and the foremost thing that is put into effect is the rules and the regulations that need to be followed. These are necessary for the enterprise to work in an organisational and structured manner which will eventually lead to the betterment and the growth of the organisation.

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